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What is MOPAR?


If you’ve been around any major car shows, or any automotive enthusiast, you may have wondered what Mopar means. Even though the word Mopar sounds like an evil alien warlord, it is simply the automotive parts division of Fiat Chrysler.

What does MOPAR stand for?

The name Mopar comes from the combination of two incredibly obvious words: motor and parts. Mopar is the umbrella name for Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge equipment.

This term is rooted in American automotive history and first began to be used in the early 20th century. In 1937, Mopar officially became its own brand when Chrysler decided it was an easy-to-remember name that they could put on their cans of antifreeze.

From there, the rest is history.

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That being said, Mopar isn’t just a stand-in term for automotive parts made for any Fiat-Chrysler brand: It carries with it a strong association with performance parts. In the aftermarket scene, a part labeled Mopar is assumed to well-made, providing both ample durability and performance.

The Mopar M logo is as enticing to many gearheads as the McDonald’s arches are to hungry road-trippers.

Depending on which type of automotive enthusiast you are, Mopar will have a different connotation. For example, if you are into drag racing, then the word Mopar will evoke images of big hulking hotrods with loud rumbling engines peeking out of the car’s engine bay.

If you’re into off-roading, then you will associate Mopar with sturdy products that can withstand whatever abuse you hurl at them on the trail. If you don’t do either but are still a car enthusiast, then you will appreciate the versatility and the overall quality of Mopar’s products.

There are plenty of parallels between Mopar and other OEM parts manufacturers. For example, Ford has Ford Performance, Toyota has Toyota Racing Development (TRD), and GM has Chevrolet Performance.

However, these are separate from the core parts of their OEM manufacturing. Mopar’s offerings run the entire gamut from high-performance performance parts to mundane maintenance parts. If you want to make a drag ready Dodge Plymouth, or you want to restore an AMC-era Jeep, Mopar has the parts that you need.

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Among Mopar’s many other offerings, their product line that has truly captured the attention of the automotive world is their range of utterly impressive crate engines. The Hellephant is a variant of the 426 Hemi engine that can make 1,000 horsepower! With a product like that in their line-up, it’s impossible to not give Mopar some credit.

Because Mopar (and by extension Fiat Chrysler) is placed alongside Chevy and Ford in many comparisons, there is plenty of competition to go around.

For that reason, some people will provide alternate theories of Mopar’s origin, saying that it actually stands for something like “move over, people are racing” or “mostly old parts and rust”. There are plenty more of these reinterpretations of the meaning of Mopar, some positive and some not.

At the end of the day, the best Dodge, Ram, and Jeep vehicles will likely have a cornucopia of Mopar parts under their hoods, and that alone puts them in the sights of fans of other automotive manufacturers.

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What does MOPAR mean?

Mopar is the auto parts and accessories wing of Fiat Chrysler.