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The story of how JWStuff came to be.

JWStuff started as a Passion Project.

I came from the world of fast “plat karre” and the transition over to a vehicle that is only limited by what you can imagine, has been life changing.

Finding inspiration on Instagram and then trying to find that in South Africa has been nothing short of painful. Unless of course you get inspired by R600 chinese headlights… but hey, I’m not judging.

So I set out to source and find the best of the best. Some of the stuff may not be the cheapest, but you can bet your ass it’s quality. I mean your Jeep deserves it.

Further to that, I have recently been authorised as an official DJI Dealer as photography and drones have always been something I loved. That said, I am now proud to say that I also supply OFFICIAL DJI Drones, Accessories and Camera Stuff.

So there you have it, a nutshell version of how this project came to be.

Stay awesome.


It is my hope that I am able to provide a product, service and experience that far exceeds your expectations.
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Just a quick one...

Sourcing awesome stuff takes time. The list of Jeep Wrangler stuff will continue to grow, but that doesn't mean you can't ask for or recommend some stuff.

I mean we encourage it coz we can't think of it all 🙂


Most items ship at no extra cost to you, however there are a few things like Rock Krawler suspension (for instance), that weighs quite a bit and so we have to unfortunately add a delivery fee on those. Sorry.


The idea is and will always be to offer the coolest, most awesome and highest quality stuff for your Jeep Wrangler. There is no point in buying cheap just for the sake of “adding that thing” only to regret it later. Again, we’re just saying.


We’re in this for the long run. This ain’t our first rodeo with regards to selling stuff online, but more importantly is the fact that we take this serious. Our vision is to grow this into the largest Jeep Accessoriesstore” in South Africa.


Have a look at the bottom of this page. See it? It’s my direct number. Not a robot. Not the “tannie” from back in the 90’s reading the time over the Telkom telephone. If you have any issues, questions or just want to talk Jeep, give me a shout.